[Price Guide] 5 Tips to value your trading cards right

We all know the pain in the ass, to find out at which value we can offer our trading cards on the market. The art of not overprice the card is very important to sell quickly and with a profit tough.

I guess everybody had a beckett in his hands once, but nowadays it has become a little bit expensive to order a price guide or to activate their online register.

Today there are a lot of alternatives out there, which can be used for free. So here is a quick overview of them, which will help you to value your cardprice right:

1. https://www.beckett.com/price-guides

2. https://www.priceguide.cards

This site shows prices achieved from actual card sales, not estimates. The aim of this service is to provide factual information from the marketplace to help you the collectors make their own decisions.

3. http://www.watchcount.com/

You can use this search site to go through all ebay listenings, sold items and most wanted as well. If you feel more comfortable you can use the original ebay search for “sold items.

4. Go through different marketplaces and compare.

5.  Your price should be negotiable.

So don’t forget to communicate that clear in the description.

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