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Is the traditional card grading coming to an end?

Beckett Media recently released an official statement regarding their immense backlog:

“Beckett Grading Services announced today, beginning February 19, 2020, submissions received will no longer have a guaranteed turnaround time.

With that said, the number of cards Beckett is receiving daily has begun to eclipse the volume our staff can properly handle with strict guarantees in place. From invoicing, to card identification, to grading, to shipping… are coming in at a rate never seen in our history. We are at the point we must address the issue so that we keep the integrity of our brand and the services we offer to you. We built our business on being the only company that offered the guaranteed turnaround time, but the current reality is offering that feature is going to be a disservice to the industry.

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Which means at the end of the day, that we will have to wait longer and longer (weeks over months) and don’t even get an information or status update regarding your submission!

PSA CEO J. Orlando also took a similar line in their press release:

“Even though the division has been consistently setting new shipping highs year after year, we are still unable to properly measure the true demand for our services because of the immense submission backlog that exists. We have increased our capacity every quarter for years, but the submission backlog has not decreased in a material way.”

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“In fact, around 80% of our approximately one million count backlog are of the modern variety at PSA and the vast majority of that 80% are sports cards. The backlog continues to grow to unprecedented levels,” Orlando said. “The faster we have returned the product to our customer base, the faster the submissions come back to us. As we stand here today, the PSA backlog has surpassed the one million unit mark.”

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Also, the third company known as SGC was overrunned lately and released an update on the 24th of July 2020 regarding their turnaround times:

SGC went from being the vintage grading company to the up and coming juggernaut steamrolling its way into the modern space. All at once, the entire hobby sent us their cards and was excited to give SGC a try. The early days of this change (which now feel like they were years ago rather than merely a few months), were like nothing any of us had ever seen before. The submissions were growing exponentially and, with that, so were the challenges. Our company, which made its name delivering on both service and turnaround time, was now staring down the barrel of processing delays like we’d never imagined.

To all of you who are on business day 40 of your 20 business day order, 4 days past your 5 business day estimate or in situations even worse than that, I am so sincerely sorry that we could not offer you the speed of service we would’ve liked to. For 22 years, we never experienced anything close to this kind of volume and it has caused delays far exceeding anything we expected.

SGC will now have two card grading service options available to our collectors. The first service, that we’ve aptly named the “I Can Wait” service, is for customers who can do exactly that (10$/card).

The second option offered is the “Need Them Now” service. This service is for any order that needs to be completed in a much quicker timeframe than our “I Can Wait” service. The estimated turnaround time for orders submitted at the “Need Them Now” service level is 3-5 business days (100$/card).

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To be honest, grading won’t go away, but we think a decrease in the future regarding grading of low-end (f.e base cards) to middle-end cards is coming.

New alternatives will pop up, which handles things in a new innovative and valuable way. What would think, if there would be an app, where can upload your cards and get immediately an estimation of the market value and a digital grading note!?

Sounds awesome and too good to be true? No way, it will be released soon!

You can sign up to become an exclusive early adopter and be one of the first collectors worldwide to test and use it. All you have to do is to sign up on that landing page with your e-mail address:

What do you think about grading? Tell us in the comments!



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