Why your Luka Doncic Autographs could be fake

Primary Sources:


– Reads as “lulu”
– Nearly vertical
– Very tall and compressed
– Fast, sketchy
– “L”s are generally much taller than “U”s

This is Doncic’s original autograph. Very similar to the controversal “Lulu” autograph, right? Case closed, right? Nope! Keep reading…

Here’s the second iteration of Luka’s autograph:

– No longer reads as “lulu”
– Nearly vertical
– Very tall and compressed
– Fast, sketchy
– “L”s often come close to touching
– “L”s are generally much taller than “U”s

Doncic’s autograph changes once he makes it to the NBA, to no surprise. He’s signing more than ever. And like most NBA players who are forced to sign a semingly endless supply of rookie cards, he shortens his signature. You can see how he derived his new, shortened signature from his original “Lulu” one. I’ve included the jersey he signed in person for the kid (that was linked in the other thread) because I’ve seen it used as an example of an IP signature that matches the questionable “Lulu” ones. However, it clearly matches his new, fast signature that he’s developed, as you can see when it’s placed side by side with others. It’s still way taller and more compressed and more rushed than the questionable “Lulu” signatures. Also note that this shortened signature is the one Doncic uses on his earliest released draft cards from Panini.

For some players though, shortening their signature is not enough. So perhaps, like many athlete’s facing this situation, he enlists some outside help. Be it his mom, a friend, whoever. This person is instructed to forge his signature. But of course, they don’t forge his newly shortened signature. They attempt to forge his original, “Lulu” signature.

Which is why in Panini’s second wave of releases, the strange new “Lulu” signature suddenly appears…

– Reads as “lulu,” but does not match original “lulu” autographs
– Slow and neat
– Not compressed; lots of space between letters
– Wide letters, big loops
– Some examples have all letters same height; “L”s not tall enough compared to “U”s

Even when you compare this new Lulu autograph to his original, pre-NBA autograph, they don’t match. The size, speed, compression are all different. The variation between them is about as much as you would expect between any two random individuals who attempt to write “Lulu” in cursive. If you asked my mom to forge Luka’s original pre-NBA signature, she would probably come up with something very close to the questionable “Lulu” signatures. It looks like it could have been written by anyone proficient in cursive, but it does not match Luka’s handwriting.

We also asked for the opinion of an independent and professional handwriting analyst. That’s what she said:

“The last batch (C) is from another person. It’s either that or the signatory had a head injury that completely changed his personality. The first 2 batches comes from an expressive and dominant person while the last batch is from a person with more inhibition and a refined sensuality.”

Panini hasn’t posted a statement or anything official about theses suspicions yet – tbc.


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