Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Three Early Boxes of 2018-19 Noir Basketball

On the heels of the expeditiously sold-out “1st Off The Line” edition, the hobby version of Panini America’s 2018-19 Noir Basketball product releases tomorrow in hobby shops and on group-break sites across North America. Once again this season, the pro…

2 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks Three Boxes of the New 2019 Leather & Lumber Baseball

Make no mistake about it: Panini America’s new 2019 Leather & Lumber Baseball attacks the senses like few baseball products have before. It starts by incorporating healthy doses of, well, leather and lumber, and then entertainingly weaving in deft …

3 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Rips Four Boxes of 2018-19 Spectra Basketball

Last week’s 2019 NFLPA Rookie Premiere Presented By Panini America threw a wrench into our product-previewing plans for the release of 2018-19 Spectra Basketball. While we did get to unveil the customary Quality Control Gallery preview, we were unable …

3 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Two Early Boxes of 2019 Prizm Baseball

The hobby edition of Panini America’s 2019 Prizm Baseball arrives in shops across North America tomorrow wielding a potent content mix featuring a vibrant array of new Prizm parallel possibilities, three autographs per box, on average, and the striking…

3 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Rips Open Two Jumbo Boxes of 2019 Score Football

The first thing you’re likely to notice about Panini America’s new 2019 Score Football is probably the first thing you should notice about a trading card product: The photography. For the first NFL product of 2019, Panini America photographers and phot…

4 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Four Boxes of the Online-Only 2018-19 Threads Premium Basketball

Panini America’s online-exclusive 2018-19 Threads Premium Basketball released yesterday at iCollectPanini.com and offers collectors the opportunity to own a limited version of the action-packed Threads Basketball brand in a premium package. The base se…

4 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Rips Six Early Boxes of 2018-19 Court Kings Basketball

This time tomorrow, basketball collectors across North America will be enjoying an art exhibit the likes of which only the bold uniqueness of Panini America’s 2018-19 Court Kings Basketball can deliver. There always has been an air of royalty surroundi…

5 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Early Boxes of 2018-19 Cornerstones Basketball

Panini America’s 2018-19 Cornerstones Basketball arrives in hobby shops and on group-break sites across North America tomorrow, boasting a bevy of the product’s namesake Cornerstones hard-signed memorabilia cards featuring both standout members of the …

5 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Opens Three Boxes of 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball

Panini America’s new 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball arrived in hobby shops across North America today boasting a big-things-come-in-small-packages configuration that delivers some of the most attractive cards of the season featuring Impeccable’s undeniably clean designs, and stacked autograph and memorabilia content. Yesterday’s Quality Control Gallery provided an expansive exploration of the product. Today, we’re ripping into three boxes of the product for the must-see Teaser Gallery.

6 Monaten ago

Teaser Gallery: Panini America Opens Boxes of 2018-19 Donruss Optic Basketball

While many of us at Panini America hit the road last week for a jam-packed schedule of Super Bowl LIII responsibilities that kicked off one week ago tonight with the Panini Super Bowl Kid Reporter dominating Super Bowl Opening Night, there were a few new releases that arrived in hobby shops last week to generate a healthy amount of buzz on their own: 2018 Limited Football and 2018-19 Donruss Optic Basketball. Both products have been blazing on the secondary market since arriving last Wednesday and, today, we’re bringing you — albeit a bit belatedly — the customary Teaser Gallery box-break posts that typically arrive just before release day.

6 Monaten ago