2019-20 Spectra Basketball

Panini America Provides a Quick Guide to Short-Printed Base Variations in 2019-20 Spectra Basketball

The highly anticipated hobby edition of Panini America’s new 2019-20 Spectra Basketball released today and astute collectors already have discovered one simple truth about the product’s base set: There are short-printed variations for several key veter…

1 Woche ago

The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2019-20 Spectra Basketball (90+ Sweet Images)

It’s a made-up word, of course. But it’s one that’s so accurate nonetheless. “Spectracular.” It’s difficult to come up with a more apropos description for Panini America’s fabulous Spectra Basketball franchise. It is, after all, just so darn “spectracu…

1 Woche ago