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The Panini Digital Weekly Update: 2020-21 NBA Hoops Basketball FOTL Arrives in Dunk App

Head to Panini America’s NBA Dunk Digital Trading Card App now to try to secure a digital pack of 2020-21 NBA Hoops Basketball FOTL. The last few FOTL drops have sold out in just a few hours, and this newest arrival promises to be no exception. NBA Hoo…
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How to Track Your Card Collection in Market Movers

Are you still tracking your sports card collection by hand with a spreadsheet? This tutorial covers My Collection, one of the most powerful tools within Market Movers. Available in the Pro Membership, My Collection is a portfolio management tool that is constantly growing, evolving and adding features. With My Collection, you can track your personal… The post How to Track Your Card Collection in Market Movers appeared first on Sports Card Investor.